Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

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Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

Hello! I'm Alfred Alena. While living on a farm, we had to get our water from the well and process waste with a septic system. In the early years, that septic system caused us a boatload of trouble. The cause was a combination of user error and undeveloped parts. As we started to learn how to treat the septic system right, it clogged less often and ran much better. We also upgraded our septic parts to bring it into the modern era. The combination gave us a septic system that worked just as good as the sewers. I feel that sharing this information with the world will help people struggling with septic systems. I hope that my readers can use the information I share to end their struggles with septic cleaning and maintenance. I will also share information about hiring professionals to get the job done. Welcome!

Installing A New Garage Door Opener? Know What Features To Consider

Are you in need of a new garage door opener  for your home, either because you are installing a new door or replacing a broken opener? If so, you are likely wondering what features you should consider to make the best choice possible. Here are some things to think about when making your selection.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need a powerful garage door with a lot of horsepower to lift your garage door, because it might be overkill. For most homeowners, you only need about ½ horsepower to get the job done. Anymore more than that and you are paying for strength that you do not need.

Your garage door installation company can help you pick the opener that is best for you. They'll consider the size of the door and the materials it is made from. You may be surprised that you don't need as strong of an opener as you think.


The noise of a garage door may be a concern to you. This is common if the garage is attached to the home and there is a bedroom above the garage. The main choice you'll have to pick from is a belt drive or a chain drive. A belt drive garage door opener is going to be fairly quiet, while a chain drive garage door opener will be loud.

You may be wondering why anybody would ever select a chain driven opener when you consider the sound benefits. As you may have assumed, a belt drive garage door opener is going to cost more money. If you have a detached garage, noise may not even be an issue.

Internet Connectivity

You may be wondering why your garage door opener needs Internet connectivity. There are many benefits that can come with a WiFi connection, such as being able to connect to the garage door with a smartphone application. Many people like getting alerts that their garage door has been opened, or if the door has been left open for a long period of time. It can give you peace of mind knowing that the garage door is closed and that you can close it remotely. 

For example, instead of getting out of bed to check that the garage door has been closed, you can check it from your phone and close it remotely if necessary. You can also check to see you remembered to close the garage door after you have already left home.