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Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

Hello! I'm Alfred Alena. While living on a farm, we had to get our water from the well and process waste with a septic system. In the early years, that septic system caused us a boatload of trouble. The cause was a combination of user error and undeveloped parts. As we started to learn how to treat the septic system right, it clogged less often and ran much better. We also upgraded our septic parts to bring it into the modern era. The combination gave us a septic system that worked just as good as the sewers. I feel that sharing this information with the world will help people struggling with septic systems. I hope that my readers can use the information I share to end their struggles with septic cleaning and maintenance. I will also share information about hiring professionals to get the job done. Welcome!

3 Signs That You Need To Have A New Roof Installed Or Your Current Roof Repaired

The roof of your home is a very important aspect of the structure, and it does an excellent job of protecting your home. However, if you have issues with your roof, it isn't able to do its job correctly. Thankfully, there are signs that you can look for that indicate your roof needs some work. This article will discuss 3 signs that you need to have a new roof installed or your current roof repaired. 

Shingle Granules In Your Gutters 

One sign that you may need to have your roof replaced is if you are consistently finding shingle granules in your gutters. The granules are likely flaking off of the shingles often, which leads to a build up of granules in your gutters. The more the shingles break down, the less they are able to provide protection to your roof. The granules in your gutters can also create issues with drainage, which can in turn cause flooding issues around your home. Having all of the old shingles ripped off and replaced is likely your best option in terms of repairing your roof in an effective manner. 

Curling Shingles

If your shingles begin to curl around the edges, this is a sign that they have become very weathered. This happens due to a combination of water and heat. As the shingles begin to curl, they are no longer flat against the roof. This then creates open areas where moisture can get in. This can damage the wood structure of the roof and cause water to leak into your home. Since damaged wood and leaks are a lot more costly to repair and replace than shingles, it is best to contact a professional and have your roof looked at as soon as you notice the curling shingles. 

You Can See Sunlight From Inside 

If you can see sunlight from inside of your attic, or inside of your home in general, this is a sign of a serious problem. The shingles in this area are likely gone or very damaged, and there may even be issues with the wooden structure of your roof, the insulation, etc. In order to find out exactly what the issue or issues may be, you should contact a roofing contractor to perform a full inspection of the roof. They will see if the issues are simply surface level or if you have structure problems as well. From there, they can then give you an estimated cost of the repair.

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