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Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

Hello! I'm Alfred Alena. While living on a farm, we had to get our water from the well and process waste with a septic system. In the early years, that septic system caused us a boatload of trouble. The cause was a combination of user error and undeveloped parts. As we started to learn how to treat the septic system right, it clogged less often and ran much better. We also upgraded our septic parts to bring it into the modern era. The combination gave us a septic system that worked just as good as the sewers. I feel that sharing this information with the world will help people struggling with septic systems. I hope that my readers can use the information I share to end their struggles with septic cleaning and maintenance. I will also share information about hiring professionals to get the job done. Welcome!

3 Reasons to Consider Exterior Waterproofing

One of the best things that you can do when attempting to protect your home from damage is to consider exterior waterproofing, mostly because of the many ways in which it can protect your basement and foundation. Listed below are three reasons to consider exterior waterproofing.

Protect Your Finished Basement

One of the biggest reasons consider exterior waterproofing is the fact that it can protect your finished basement, which is extremely important when you consider just how much money you most likely spent to finish your basement. When you take advantage of exterior waterproofing, water won't be able to seep through your foundation and into the walls of your basement. This will prevent the water from potentially flooding your basement during a major storm, settling in the walls and shorting out your electrical wires and outlets, or causing the walls of your basement to develop water stains over time.

Block Mold and Mildew Spread

Another reason to consider exterior waterproofing is the fact that it will be able to prevent mold and mildew from spreading into your home. When water is allowed to pool and gather near the foundation of your home, it can allow for a great breeding ground for both mold and mildew. When that water begins to eventually seep into your home through any cracks or holes in your foundation, the water will bring the mold and mildew along with it and allow mold and mildew to spread throughout your home.

This is a major problem for any homeowner because mold and mildew can be extremely expensive to remove from your home. In addition, some forms of mold can also end up causing your home to develop a foul and unpleasant odor or cause individuals within your home to develop health issues.

Prevent Structural Damage

Finally, exterior waterproofing is a good option because it can help you prevent structural damage to your home. One of the reasons for this is that the exterior waterproofing will work to keep water from pulling or gathering around the base of your home, which means that the water will not be able to sit there and slowly erode your foundation.

Another reason that exterior waterproofing will protect your home from structural damage is that it will keep water from seeping through the exterior walls of your basement and soaking into any wooden support beams, causing them to rot. Once those wooden beams begin to rot, they will not be able to support as much weight and can greatly affect the safety and structural stability of your home.

Contact a contractor like Rite-Way Waterproofing in order to discuss how he or she may be able to help you protect your home from water damage and how exterior waterproofing could benefit you. Exterior waterproofing can help you protect your finished basement, block mold and mildew spread, and prevent structural damage.