Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

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Journey Through Septic Maintenance and Repair

Hello! I'm Alfred Alena. While living on a farm, we had to get our water from the well and process waste with a septic system. In the early years, that septic system caused us a boatload of trouble. The cause was a combination of user error and undeveloped parts. As we started to learn how to treat the septic system right, it clogged less often and ran much better. We also upgraded our septic parts to bring it into the modern era. The combination gave us a septic system that worked just as good as the sewers. I feel that sharing this information with the world will help people struggling with septic systems. I hope that my readers can use the information I share to end their struggles with septic cleaning and maintenance. I will also share information about hiring professionals to get the job done. Welcome!

Beyond the Tank: 3 Septic Maintenance Needs That Deal with Common System Problems

The septic system you have installed for your home is more than just a tank. Depending on the type of system you have, there are many different components that need maintenance. The tank needs pumping, and when this is done other parts of your system need to be inspected. Here are some of the components beyond the tank that need to be maintained to ensure your septic system is working properly.

1. Checking the Inlets and Outlet Lines to the Drain Field

There are many lines to and from your tank that can lead to problems. When the line that goes from your home to the tank becomes stopped up, this can lead to problems with backed-up plumbing in your home as well as problems with the septic tank. The line that goes to the drain field can become blocked and cause your tank to become full of solids too quickly. To ensure you do not have these problems, you will want to have these plumbing lines checked for blockages when you have your tank pumped.

2. Inspecting the Condition of Tank Components for Problems

There are also many different components in the tank that can fail. With older concrete tanks, this includes the tank leaking as well as dividers inside the tank that separate solids and liquids. In addition, there are the inlets and outlets that can become damaged as well as components like sensors and alarms that are often installed in more modern systems. These components need to be inspected when you have your tank pumped to ensure they are working correctly.

3. Distribution Boxes and Drain-Field Components That Can Lead to Problems

There are also distribution boxes and other components on modern septic systems that you may want to check regularly. The distribution box can become blocked with debris, and this can lead to serious problems. Simply unblocking these components can help save you from costly septic-system repairs. In addition, some drainage fields may need to be checked to make sure that they are working properly and that affluent is not escaping the system. This is common with mound systems, which need to be checked occasionally.

These are some of the components beyond your septic tank that need maintenance to ensure your system is working properly. If you are ready for maintenance for your system, contact a septic-pumping service such as Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning to help with maintaining the tank and some of these other components of your septic system.